Instant Product Funnel Affiliate Program:

“Affiliates: Get Paid 100% Commissions PLUS  50% – 100% Paid On High End and
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Potential To Make Up To $452.00 Per Customer!

You get 100% commissions on the irresistible front end offer + 50% – 100% on 2 must have upsells!

Please note you only need approval for the front end ‘Instant Product Funnel’ offer – you are automatically approved for the upsells/backend offers.

Here’s the funnel:

Potentially Make Over $400.00 Per Customer:

If someone you refer buys the front end offer and both upsells you can make up to $276.50 immediately and up to $452.00 after 12 months if they make all the recurring payments!

Please note that out of this JVZoo will take out Paypal fees.

How To Get Started

Step #1: This is run through JVZoo so you will need a free affiliate account. If you don’t already have one just click here

Step #2: Get your affiliate link. Make sure you are logged in to your JVZoo affiliate account then go to this page:

Click on the green “Request Affiliate Approval” button:

Affiliate requests are approved instantly!

Once approved go back to the same page:

This time click on the blue “Get Links” button:

Please Note: You only need to get approval for main “Instant Product Funnel” offer. You will then automatically get credit for the trial offer and all upsells etc. in the funnel.

Step #3: Promote and make money! Ready made marketing tools are below:

Email copy:

Choose one of the subject lines below or write your own:

Subject Lines:

How big is your list?
An Instant Internet Business?
Your Instant Internet Business?
Your new business...
"Done for You" List Building...
"Done for You" Instant Business
Your Own Internet Business in 45 Minutes
Autopilot Sales?

Here is the copy and paste email. You can use it as it is – just add your name and affiliate link. Also feel free to rewrite it or just write your own.

Copy and Paste Email:


How would you like to have you own
internet business done for you and
completely set up in under 45 minutes?


Well right now you can get your own
business handed to you on a plate.

You get:

* Squeeze pages to build a list

* Free reports to give away to your new subscribers

* Plus a 30 part pre-written email campaign
  that gets you 100% instant commissions
  on auto-pilot

Yep, it's all been done for you here:


Plus you get step by step training on how
you can have your new business completely 
set up in as little as 42 Minutes and 19 Seconds...

Check it out here:


To your success,


P.S. You really can't fail with this, 
see why here:



To add to your website, copy and paste the code below each banner/graphic, replace where it says YOURAFFLINK with your actual JV Zoo affiliate link and paste into the html part of your webpage where you want it to show.

Side Note I’ve set the code so that the link will open in a new window.  If you want to change this take out the target=”_blank” tag.

Size: 125 X 125

<a target="_blank" href="YOURAFFLINK">
<img src="" /></a>

Size: 250 X 250

<a target="_blank" href="YOURAFFLINK">
<img src="" /></a>

Size: 300 X 300

<a target="_blank" href="YOURAFFLINK">
<img src="" /></a>

Membership Card Size: 181 X 100

<a target="_blank" href="YOURAFFLINK">
<img src="" /></a>

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